How Do I Use My Resume to the Greatest Advantage

How Do I Use My Resume to the Greatest Advantage?

Use your resume to your greatest advantage.

My name is Martin Buckland and I’m an executive career management practitioner. I manage the careers of the senior executives, those who aspire to be business leaders, executive MBAs, and mining practitioners. 

I’m here to talk with you about resume distribution. You have lots of options. When your resume is complete, you can send it as a result of an advertisement. You can also send it to an executive recruiter. Both bring minimum return and won’t always give you instant feedback.

You can also practice target marketing with your resume distribution, which is going to bring you the greatest ROI. Take this junction where I’m standing, for example, there are multiple roads feeding into it. Which one is bringing the most traffic here? The King’s road is feeding far more traffic into this square. It’s also taking more traffic the other way, so you have to look at the option that will give you the greatest return on investment. That is target marketing. 

If I were your coach, I would want you to target a set number of companies you want to go and work for. Consider which companies you would like to work for and target those.

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