How To Demonstrate Your Value in a Job Search

How To Demonstrate Your Value

Tips to demonstrate your value

Today, we are in front of the London Stock Exchange. Shareholders are looking for you and your corporate performance. They are looking to increase their dividends, their profits, their revenue, and they’re looking to streamline operations. They also want to expand, possibly internationally. You have value that can play a part in that.

Do you manage your career? Are you performing according to what employers are looking for? Do you deliver results for your shareholders, whether it be a private or a public company? Because that’s what we hire people for. We don’t hire them to just sit around and doing nothing. As an executive career management practitioner, I pull those performance related stories out of my clients.

Just like each company listed on any stock exchange across the world is measured by their shareholders performance, you are also measured on performance. Do you generate accomplishments? Do you succeed? If so, and I know you do, you need to document those accomplishments built around the acronym STAR (situation, task, action, and results) on your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Demonstrate your value.

Spend a little bit of time with me and I can help you figure out what your value and accomplishments are. Would you like a free, no obligation resume critique and a 15-minute complimentary consultation on how I can help you manage and advance your career? Contact me today.

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