Do You Invest in Your Career?

We invest in our future in many ways, including seeking professional advice from specialists. We consult a Financial Planner and invest money for our financial future. We consult Doctors and Dentists to ensure our health and longevity in the future. We even consult a Lawyer to write our wills so that we have planned for our children’s and grandchildren’s futures. Have you made the same investment in your career?

Consider consulting a Career Coach, just as you do other professionals to help you plan. As with the consultants you use for finances and health, simply bringing the information to your focused attention can help you find renewed energy and interest to work consistently and strategically to achieve your career and professional goals.

InvestBeyond simple motivation, a good Career Coach listens carefully to what you need from your career, and can help you prepare for advancement by creating an impactful resume, a solid cover letter, a polished personal brand, and even help you increase your visibility by showing you how to leverage social media and networking opportunities to your best advantage.

When developing your career strategy with a Career Coach, you identify short-term and long-term goals and break down the steps and actions it takes to reach those goals. A Coach asks questions that may not have occurred to you, and has experience in what actions will take you to the next level. From elevator pitch to the final handshake on the acceptance of your next promotion, a Coach can help you get prepared for the opportunity for greater success.

An investment in coaching can bring a return of renewed professional drive, preparation for advancement, and identifiable, achievable steps that ease your way into greater career success. An investment in your career will create more money to invest with your financial planner and possibly allow you to retire earlier!

Does this sound good to you?


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