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Are You Prepared For a Career Termination?

Preparing For Career Termination

My name is Martin Buckland. I am an executive career management practitioner. I specialize in managing the careers of senior executives, those who aspire to be business leaders, executive MBAs, graduates and candidates, and mining professionals.  Today I’ll be sharing ‘Are You Prepared For a Career Termination?’.

Over the last 25 years, I’ve helped hundreds of senior executives and clients across the world deal with their career transition or deal with a termination. Look at career termination from a positive point of view, as a career refresher. Don’t think of it as something negative against you. Instead, look at the termination from the point of view that the business decided to go in a different direction.

A termination today does not have to be as painful as it was in the olden days for the people who entered the tower of London. Take your termination, bite your tongue, and realize there are plenty of opportunities that are waiting you. But make sure you are prepared for the termination.

The following are career management tips to keep you prepared for a career termination:

There are so many minefields that can explode in front of you. Make sure you’re confident in your abilities to drive your career and seek a new position. Don’t ever burn your bridges, because you never know when the HR professional or your boss may move to another company. If you have handled yourself with dignity and professionalism they may remember your talents, skills, and achievements that you completed at your previous employer and may want to re-engage with you.




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